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Returns Policy


Vouchers are delivered instantly via email, SMS and available in your order history list for download and use. Cancellations are not permitted after the vouchers are purchased. If there are genuine cases of not receiving goods/services as mentioned, refunds shall be made after confirmation from the merchants side.The reason for dissatisfaction or refund must be initmated to us for us to undertake prompt resolution for the case

Refunds will be made only in store credits which can be used on other deals available in the website. Cash or bank refund will be made only in genuine cases where customer do not receive service as published by the merchant. The same shall appear within 7-9 business days from the date of processing.

Before we select a company to appear on dealgun we analyze them carefully to make sure they are a high quality business that we can trust to deliver you a high quality experience. We might select a business based on their long term reputation or a newbie in the market whose capabilities we trust in and know can offer splendid value and service to our subscribers will be given a platform to excel.

So, how do we prove this to you? Well, firstly we strongly believe it’s your right to shame us publicly if we stuff up in any way. You can break out your whip and flog us on our facebook page in full view of everybody. We're happy to receive your priceless constructive feedback and we will do everything possible to address any concerns you might have about a particular deal. However if you love our service and offers, we’d equally love to hear about that.

Secondly we guarantee that if we do ever let you down, we’ll return your purchase. The vast majority of us here at Parippuvada also live in the same world as you do and if we were in your shoes that’s what we’d expect so why should we not practice what we preach.

Now, having said all that nice stuff about how we will try really hard not to let you down, please remember we’re not the merchant, so while we’ll probably accept a return if you feel like it’s our fault, we’re still not legally responsible if the services offered by the merchant troubles you in any manner.

Does this sound like a good guarantee to you?




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Nothing is more important to us than ensuring all of our customers are happy. If you feel disappointed with anything you bought from Parippuvada, let us know within 30 days and we'll return your purchase -- it's that easy!

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